Top Cryptocurrencies

Of late, cryptocurrencies have garnered attention from everywhere across. Be it the market crash or the bounce back, these digital currencies have never failed to make it into the headlines. Now that the cryptocurrency market is seeing an upward trajectory, there cannot be a better time than now to invest in them. No wonder, Bitcoin is one of the favorite investments but there are several others that are worth giving a try. That said, have a look at the top cryptocurrencies to buy this week.


No wonder, this cryptocurrency finds itself in the portfolio of most of the investors. However, what makes it worth buying at this moment is the combination of the market crash and Elon Musk stepping away from making payments in the form of Bitcoin for Tesla. With Bitcoin currently trading somewhere between $35000 and $37000, the investors can consider it to be a good option for they know that the price would increase in the coming days. Thus, investing now would fetch the desired results.


After Bitcoin, all eyes turn towards Ethereum – the second largest cryptocurrency in the market. However, getting things straight – this cryptocurrency deserves way more attention than what it is getting now. The reason is simple – its blockchain technology is